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A mandoline from Penang

Georgetown (Penang)
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Our old plastic mandoline (i.e., vegetable slicer) had broken down to the extent that it normally cost me one finger per onion, so I found a new one at a good price from an online shop called Baking Frenzy.

I didn’t investigate where the shop was based, but it appeared to be based in the UK, given that all prices were given in pounds.

However, yesterday the postman turned up with a parcel covered in pretty Malaysian stamps, sent by a person with a Chinese name from an address in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.

The slicer is absolutely fine, although it has some signs of having been intended for sale in East Asia.

I really love it when globalisation becomes almost personal like this!

One thought on “A mandoline from Penang

  • When murder is not murder

    The Penang court system is racist.

    In the past 10 years, the Penang court system has repeatedly done the following thing:

    When the killers are Malays and the murder victims are Chinese / Indian, the Malay murderers are never charged with murder.

    Instead, they are charged with much lesser crime – in order to spare them from the death penalty.

    The first case – that I know of – happened Chulia Street. An old Chinese man was stabbed to death 42 times. The Malay killer was charged with “assault” and went to jail for 8 years and subsequently released.

    The second case happened in Prai. A young Chinese female went missing and was later raped and killed. Her nude body was found in a ravine in Sungai Petani. The police later found some Malay youths driving her car and found that they were the one who kidnapped, raped and killed that Chinese female.

    Those Malay killers were charged with, again, assault charge and they went to jail for 8 years and then released.

    Today, yet another case.

    During the past Chinese new year a Chinese guy was murdered in Batu Ferringhi. The killers, Malays, are being charged in the Penang court for … you guess it, assault !!

    The killers will escape the death penalty, for sure.

    And by the way, those Chinese who were murdered, still stay dead.


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