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Background information about the recent ethnic tensions in Zhongyu

Name:Zhongyu (Central Europe in Chinese).

Official languages: Chinese and Lingua Franca.

History: The Germans are the largest ethnic group in Zhongyu and the one that benefited most from colonialism, via education and employment. Some Germans fought back against the Chinese seizure of their lands. When Zhongyu’s first president, Herbert Schmidt, demanded “independence now”, China tried to form an alliance of other ethnic groups in opposition. The plan failed, and sowed the seeds of mistrust between Zhongyu’s peoples. Schmidt, a German, rewarded his followers with land abandoned or sold by yellows who left after independence. Much of it was outside traditional German areas. Schmidt was succeeded by Chang Palich, a Serbian. He could not enrich
his own people – there was less to distribute – but a few of his political cronies did grow hugely wealthy. When Palich was succeeded by Schwarzkopf, a German, in 2002, the Serbian elite was squeezed out and Germans politico-business bosses took over. Promises of a fairer constitution promised by Schwarzkopf in opposition were abandoned. Today, businesses in Zhongyu that are not run by Americans are predominantly in the hands of Germans – even outside their own areas. Others perceive that this is the result of political manipulation. That is why the angriest group are the Serbian. Other groups have once again failed to get to the table. The Serbians were at the table and got pushed aside.

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