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Buchwider Bräu β₁

Buchwider Bräu ??
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My first attempt at brewing in Scotland (Buchwider Bräu ??) was a decent German-style wheat beer.

I’ve now tried to brew a Belgian-style one, imaginatively called Buchwider Bräu ??.

It’s brewed with equal amounts of wheat malt and Belgian pale malt, and it’s flavoured with orange peel, grated ginger and coriander seeds. (I was hoping to get close to my favourite witbier, the famous Korenwolf.)

The ginger is relatively prominent, and the orange is noticeable, but I must admit I find it hard to detect the coriander.

I actually think it’s quite a nice beer, although I think it’s better with food than for drinking on its own. I don’t think it’s that close to a Korenwolf, though, so I’ll have to try again another time. Has anybody got a Korenwolf-style recipe?

My next project is a German Maibock. I’ve got the ingredients, but I need to empty some bottles before I can start. 🙂

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