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Buchwider Bräu ε₁

Buchwider Bräu ??
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I took a brief brewing holiday after my ?? disaster, but last month I then fired up the kettle again.

I decided to brew a beer in the style of Kölsch, and I’m very happy with the result. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted a real Kölsch, so I obviously cannot compare it to the original, but the result is a very pleasant beer with a fruity nose.

It’s also quite strong at 5.9%, but it’s very mild and drinkable.

My only criticism is that it has too little flavour to be drunk after a darker beer, and it doesn’t really shine with food.

However, for drinking on its own or with a bag of crisps it’s clearly the best beer I’ve brewed, and I’ll definitely brew it again.

Brewing notes: The yeast I used was Wyeast 2575 Kölsch II, and that’s definitely a yeast I would recommend to others. On a different note, I’m still having head-retention problems — I hope I’ll resolve that soon.

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