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Buchwider Bräu ζ₁

Buchwider Bräu ??
Originally uploaded by viralbus

Shortly after my ?? I decided to brew something completely different: a stout.

I used a recipe that was supposed to produce something similar to Guinness, but I must admit it doesn’t taste like that (and the foam isn’t white).

However, if you forget about Guinness, it’s actually a very nice stout, dark and earthy. I wonder whether I should have added a wee bit of liquorice — I think it would have suited it well.

By the way, I guess I ought to summarise Buchwider Bräu’s current naming scheme:

  • ?: German Weizen
  • ?: Belgian wit
  • ?: Maibock
  • ?: Irish red ale
  • ?: Kölsch
  • ?: Stout
  • ?: Rye
  • ?: Belgian Christmas
  • ?: Scottish IPA
  • ?: Berliner Weiße

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