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Burgundy, Sanford or Birch?

Obviously Phyllis and I are spending some time these days discussing potential names for our baby (the kids call it Bart).

Today I found a website that asks you some simple questions and in return suggests some names. Phyllis and I answered the questions together, and here’s the result:

  • Girls: Burgundy, Carmen, Caroline, Fauna, Ginger, Hannah, Jada, Julie, Sandra, Sienna
  • Boys: Casper, Connor, Corbin, Dalton, Gordon, Kenneth, Sanford
  • Unisex: Birch, Jude

The idea is good, but the result is terrible! Surely even a badly written program can come up with better suggestions than that!?! I mean, Gordon is a nice name, but we can’t really use that, can we now?

2 thoughts on “Burgundy, Sanford or Birch?

  • Suddenly Bart is beginning to sound more like a real possibility!

  • I like Bart too ,.,. but hey, Ginger is good ( well would have been for Gordy ! )and what about Jude ,.,. we could all sing Beatles songs to him ?
    Carmen ,, we could take her to the Opera ,.,. Burgundy I enjoy ,.,. hic, Hannah is great ( for backward children ? )
    Casper is ghostly .,,.
    And don’t Corbins commit suicide more often that not ?
    Now Sanford Fauna Buchanan Widmann ,, there’s a name to conjour with ?
    Have fun guys ,.,.
    but for God’s sake find another book !!


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