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Buying a house

The house we’re buying
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My two-bedroom flat in the city centre has felt a little bit crowded ever since Phyllis, Marcel, Charlotte and Léon moved in last year, and it’s not been ideal for Marcel and Charlotte to live so far from their school.

What with Bart arriving in December (no, we’ll find another name before then!), things were not going to get any better, so we were happy when we found a house in Newton Mearns with enough rooms for us all.

Phyllis has taken some nice photos of it.

Originally uploaded by viralbus

The dimensions of the rooms are as follows:

Name Dimensions Area
Lounge 399 363 14.48
Dining 328 310 10.15
Kitchen 378 282 10.67
Family room 597 216 12.89
Dining/bedroom 381 305 11.61
Porch 239 104 2.49
Bedroom 307 241 7.42
Bedroom 389 203 7.90
Bedroom 384 279 10.72
Bedroom 292 297 8.68
Bathroom 307 173 5.31
Bathroom 198 183 3.62
Bathroom 254 198 5.03

We’re thinking about making a new kitchen in the family room, and having three bathrooms with bathtubs is somewhat over the top, so we might do something about that, too.

The rooms listed above add up to 110 m2, but the survey claims the house altogether is 160 m2.

2 thoughts on “Buying a house

  • Lyder godt mht navn 😉
    Mht 110 vs 160 m², så kunne det have lidt med indvendige over for udvendige mål at gøre, og derudover passer BBR-mål herhjemme også sjældent med virkelighedem. Mærkeligt nok.

  • Hvad er det m.h.t. navnet, der lyder godt?


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