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Close but no cigar (yet)

Three weeks ago, I finally ordered a Sony ?100 from DigitalKind. At the time, the camera wasn’t in stock, but they promised they would deliver it by the end of the month.

However, the end of August arrived, but the camera didn’t. Byron from the company told me: Unfortunately I can’t guarantee any of the dates, as these are ETA’s given
to us by the manufacturer. It may be early, it may be on time, and it
may of course be delayed again. It’s an annoying lottery. I could lie of course, but this is the reality.

I was impressed by his honesty, so I agreed to wait another two weeks. Today the memory card arrived (see the photo for the specs) – I just hope that means I actually will receive my camera within a week!

4 thoughts on “Close but no cigar (yet)

  • does he also (not) stock the fuji I was gonna buy (either s9500 or s5600)?

  • No, the “Finepix S9500 Dig Cam 9mp Dual Card 10.7in Zoom 1.8 Lcd” at £307.30 is not in stock, and they don’t even list the S5600 (although they have a case for it). 🙁

  • even dixons is cheaper for that then!

  • The same shop is rarely cheapest for all products. I normally use Froogle to find the cheapest ones.


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