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Cold callers

I got a call from BT this Saturday morning at 10am. Hello, I’d like to ask a few questions about why you left BT.

Now, it’s not like I switched from BT to OneTel recently, it’s more like two years ago, so I hardly remember my reasons, except that I obviously worked out it’d be cheaper.

However, I really resent cold callers. I don’t want to have my privacy invaded by strangers, especially not when I’m cosy under my duvet. If I hadn’t already left BT, this would be reason enough to leave them!

What kind of people can be tempted back to a company by this type of harassment?

2 thoughts on “Cold callers

  • Hate cold callers myself ,.,
    Love the picture though !

  • Aye, it’s nice. Wish it was mine!


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