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Deep Space 9

I blogged back in May 2009 that I had finished watching Enterprise and that I would move on to Deep Space 9.

I finally finished watching DS9 last night, and I must say I really enjoyed it, although it took me a wee while to get into.

I’m now going to proceed to Star Trek Voyager, which will presumable last until Christmas 2013.

However, after Voyager I will have watched everything Star Trek (apart from the Animated Series), so I really hope they’ll get their act together and start producing a new Star Trek series before too long.

I guess the relative failure of Enterprise (it was cancelled because of low ratings) gave the producers cold feet, but it was a relatively non-trekkie series – it lacked some of the optimism of the other series, probably because it was mainly produced post-9/11.

However, times are changing again. I’m not saying that people are feeling any more optimistic now, but whereas Americans after 9/11 felt they were under attack, it’s now the recession that is on top of people’s minds. Perhaps a new series could deal with the economic collapse of the Federation a century after TNG and DS9?

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