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Dinner for One

One of the most important traditions for celebrating New Year’s eve in Denmark (and Germany and various other places) is watching an old English sketch in black and white called Dinner for One.

Apart from the fact that there’s lot of drinking involved, it’s not entirely clear what it’s got to do with Hogmanay, but a tradition is a tradition, and I always miss it a bit when I’m in Scotland for New Year.

Fortunately, however, we have YouTube these days, so here it is:

Part one:

Part two:

2 thoughts on “Dinner for One

  • I couldn’t ,,, speak my mind that is ,,
    Please tell me Thomas that you don’t really like this, Oh so English, slap-stick nonsense ? It was just something you saw as a baby right ? and it’s stuck in your psyche ? ,,,I can understand the Germans .,,. it’s them taking the piss from the old enemy .,,. Oh is that it ,, Was Denmark on their side in the War ?
    Anyway if I ever see you laugh at this I will forever despair for your SoH .,,. and I’d love to hear what your beloved Phyllis thinks of it ,, if she says she likes it then truly she loves you quite madly !

  • It’s a tradition! At least it’s a fairly harmless one. 🙂


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