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For a long time, at least since I first read Stephen Oppenheimer’s Out of Eden, I’ve wanted to have my mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA, the DNA passed on from mother to child) and Y chromosome (passed on from father to son) tested. Why? I don’t know – I think it’s the same urge that makes people do genealogy.

When I checked last time, a simple test cost around £300. I did a quick Google search, and it seems prices have come down a bit:

  • DNA Worldwide have both an mtDNA and a Y-chromosome test, both costing £180. They claim to determine sub-haplogroups, thus determining the location much more precisely.
  • Oxford Ancestors” seem to charge about the same amount, but they have more options (but possibly less detail).
  • GeneTree have the same stuff again, this time at $245 (£123) apiece. Not sure whether it’s a problem they’re in the US, though.

I guess it’s still a bit expensive, so I ought to wait a few years longer. 🙁

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  • Hello Thomas,

    There is another company, Family Tree DNA, that provides both mtDNA and yDNA tests. They have an office in Europe if you are hesitant to order from the United States.

    One of their basic tests should cost less than fifty pounds if you order through a group project.

    mtDNA devotee


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