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Flickr has changed the layout

It seems Flickr has changed the layout – the pictures are now in two
columns, the sets are shown right instead of left, and there are fancy
pull-down menus. I guess it’s a change for the better – but it’ll
take a short while to get used to.

4 thoughts on “Flickr has changed the layout

  • Flickr is making me suicidal/homicidal at the moment 🙁 Why won’t it let me merge my flickr/yahoo accounts and why won’t it let me access my flickr accounts at all – It thinks I don’t exist but when I do a people search for Gautier I’m sitting there on the list! ARG!

  • Both phyl1 and pbgautier do exist, so the problem is probably somewhere in the password system. I would just email the whole story to Yahoo! and let them deal with merging them and making the remaining account accessible.

  • Got in at last – CELEBRATE!!! Am going to switch permanently to the Phyl1 pro account to get more space. Thanks.


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