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Google’s annoying Apps transition

I’ve used Gmail for Google Apps for both my private email and my corporate one for a couple of years now.

I used to run them in separate tabs in Chrome, which worked really well without any interference between them.

However, last Thursday I received an email from Google announcing that they “recently transitioned [my] organization to the new infrastructure for Google Apps accounts, a change that makes over 60 additional Google applications like Google Places, Google Reader, Picasa Web Albums and AdWords accessible with Google Apps accounts.”.

At first, that sounds like a good thing, but a side effect seems to have been that I now cannot run both in separate tabs – they keep logging each other out.

As a result, I’m now accessing one email in Chrome and the other one in Firefox, which works OK, but I’m not sure Google’s intention was to force Google Apps users into using rival browsers!

2 thoughts on “Google’s annoying Apps transition

  • Lars Clausen

    You can also have one of them in an incognito window. Or set up account switching.

  • True. But I preferred having them in separate tabs.


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