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The Death Railway
Originally uploaded by DanielKHC

When I saw the thumbnail of this photo, at first I thought it was a painting because the colours were too clear in some way. However, when I enlarged it, it became clear that it was some kind of photo.

I then discovered that it’s an example of a technique called High Dynamic Range, better known as HDR. (More examples in this group.)

I’d love to try it myself, but the Gimp doesn’t seem to be able to do it, and I doubt there are other programs on Linux that even get close.

2 thoughts on “HDR

  • There is a HDR tool for Linux! It’s called qtpfsgui. I haven’t used it, but it is on my list of things to cover for my video podcast


  • I didn’t know that! Thanks a lot for the link! I’m looking forward to trying it out.


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