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Home again

We got home from our camping holiday at 6pm today, having left home at 10am 16 days before.

We stayed at four different campsites:

  1. Four nights in a small campsite just outside Bridlington in Yorkshire, from where we went on daytrips to York.
  2. Four nights in a large cosmopolitan campsite in Abbey Wood in East London.
  3. Six nights in a large campsite in Paignton (the English Riviera), from where we went on daytrips to the Eden Project in Cornwall, to Dartmoor, and to Lyme Regis in Dorset.
  4. Two nights in a farm campsite in Llangollen (northeast Wales).

I’ll write more about the details later, but we actually had good fun, although it was hard to squeeze two adults, five kids, our tent and everything else into our seven-seater without a roofbox.

Google Maps claims the trip was 1249 miles (2011 km), but including our daytrips and detours we actually clocked up 1907 miles (3069 km).

However, for now I’m most of all happy to be home in my own bed – airbeds on steep slopes don’t make for good sleeping.

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