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Some years ago, while I still lived in Denmark, I went to a TeX conference in the Netherlands. During the conference, we went on a day trip to Maastricht, and I got a chance to pop off to a specialist beer shop (together with Arne if my memory serves me well) where I bought different beers, especially some that I had never seen before.

When I got back home, I went on to taste them, and I still remember that there was one big positive surprise among them: A witbier called Korenwolf (“corn wolf”, i.e. “hamster”). It was similar to a Hoegaarden, but more aromatic – lots of herbs and elderflower.

Given that it was local beer from the south of the Netherlands, I didn’t expect ever to taste it again, unless I went to another trip to Maastricht.

So imagine my surprise when I found it in our local Tesco yesterday! It’s just as nice as I remember it, and Phyllis seems to like it too.

I hope they’ll still stock it when Anna gets old enough to drink it with me! 🙂

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