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Modern curries

I’ve already written about the wonderful Curry Secret cookbook, which shows you how to cook Indian restaurant food.

Not only will it give you the recipes for dishes you’ve encountered in restaurants, but it will also teach you how to pre-cook the sauce and the meat, so that you can cook two curries in half an hour after work.

So when the New Curry Secret was published, I bought it immediately.

I assumed it would just contain more recipes and better illustrations (the old one was a black-and-white paperback, whereas this is a proper cookbook with colour photos), but I was pleasantly surprised!

It turns out she’s moved with the times, and whereas the old Secret would advocate ground spices and food colouring, this one cheerily tells you to put in whole cinnamon and cardamom pods and leave them in, just like in the best modern restaurants.

If you only want to own one Indian cookbook, buy this one!

3 thoughts on “Modern curries

  • Mmmmm,, Yum-yum ,, Looking forward to sampling some of that

  • Our local Sri Lankan place is cheaper than we could buy the ingredients. $4 will buy you a pan of kotthu roti of extreme spiciness.

  • While I agree that £2.36 is cheap, you can get a lot of extreme spiciness in a supermarket for that money. 🙂
    Are there any dear ingredients in it?


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