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My favourite chair

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If I could choose a chair, any chair, without looking at the price tag, I’d go for a Stokke Garden.

I’ve tried it once at least a decade ago in a furniture shop in Denmark, and it felt absolutely wonderful!

I was googling around today to find out what it actually costs, but to no avail. I have a feeling it’s not being produced any more, and Stokke have changed their name to Variér anyway. An eBay search didn’t result in anything, either, so I suspect they sold so few of them that it’s now a real rarity.

If anyone reading this knows where to get one at a decent price, then please let me know!

PS: Trekkies will of course recognise this as Worf’s chair!

4 thoughts on “My favourite chair

  • Are you sure it is a chair? And not a sculpture celebrating the pagan god of fertility or kinky sex?
    ps Did you want one before or after Worf got one (the answer could make a difference to our future 😉 ?)

  • The answer is before. It’s an amazingly comfy chair. Whether it can also used for the other purposes you mention remains to be tested. 😉

  • You two are quite mad you know !
    But for God’s sake … look at it ,, You could knock one up in a couple of hours yourself ,, it’s not exactly Star Ship science from the looks of it .,,.
    How much are you willing to pay for one and I’ll consider it ??

  • Hmmmm, I think the original retails for at least £1500…


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