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Myanmar/Burma and the US against the rest of us

According to this map (click on it for more information), there are now only two countries in the world that haven’t adopted the metric system: Myanmar/Burma and the US.

It’s a bit strange to see that the UK has been allowed the colour blue – perhaps they should have assigned a different colour to countries that have changed over officially, but where people still use different units in practice.

I just wish there was a way to make the US go metric, too – so long as the largest English-speaking country is using imperial measures, it will be really hard for the UK to let go completely.

6 thoughts on “Myanmar/Burma and the US against the rest of us

  • I know you’ll find this difficult to understand .,., and I’m not just saying it to wind you up ,, I really mean it ,,
    I wish they’d abandon bloody metric and go back to PROPER imperial weights & measures ! And so do many many of my friends ,,, mostly old of course 🙂

  • I do not care what units they use, as long as they are consistent. What really confuses me is when the same (otherwise sane) person uses Celsius for cold weather, and Fahrenheit for varm weather, but never specifies the unit!

  • You forgot Liberia. Really good company there:)

    Makes me wish I had a company with significant international trade just so I could snub any company who insisted on imperial units.

  • @Dougie, the problem with going back to the old system is that two generations of Brits have not learned how to do imperial calculations at school. Your own daughter (who started school in 1972) has never learnt how many ounces there are in a pound or a pint, or how to divide a foot by 4.
    @Troels, yes, that can be confusing. Also when they talk about miles per gallon but buy their petrol in litres.
    @Lars, Liberia was mentioned in the description but seemed to have been omitted from the map. It’d be nice to have such a company, but most companies these days can’t afford to snub any profitable customer. 🙁

  • @Thomas, it’s on the map, you just have to zoom in to find it.

    I fondly remember the old couple we stayed with on our honeymoon in Somerset. The lady was telling us how when she was a child, her grandmother would complain about how the new monetary system was so confusing, and she’d go ‘Ooh, but ’tis essi, motter!’ (imagine thick Somersetian accent here). Now her grandchild was saying the same to her about metric.

    @Troels, how’s this for consistent: The gallon, quart, pint and gill (yes, there’s a volume measure called gill, 1/4 pint) are all different between US imperial system and UK imperial system.

  • I also want to know about the differences between Myanmar and US!
    How is your feeling?
    I really interest in it!You should think about it!


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