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Park surfing

I’m writing this from the park in Rose Street, just a few buildings from my flat. I had hoped my wireless network would be available, but I cannot find it. Fortunately, however, I’ve found several unsecured ones I can use instead. The signal strength isn’t great, but at least it’s working.

It’s really great – surfing the net is so much nicer in the sun with running water on both sides.

4 thoughts on “Park surfing

  • I know. Why does summer only last one week in this country? 🙁

  • Don’t bother – it started raining here yesterday too, but come join us in the summer house later on 😉

  • Who are you inviting? Thomas or me? I’ve never been to Denmark – a free holiday would be nice! (esp on my salary!)

  • Hi Phyl.
    It was actually Thomas, but why not – maybe your kids would like to play with mine?


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