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Pointless spam

Fighting Spam
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I received this email today:

From: Aaliyah Engleman []
Sent: 01 October 2007 07:41
To: Thomas Widmann
Subject: mandinqu

Good day thomasw

Alert to all investors!
Look at D-M-X-C!
5-day price: ~$0.50

Check it at 31.09.2007

Normally, I get the point of spam: It’s trying to make me visit a website or send an email to buy a product or lend somebody money or the like.

But this one? Nonsense words, a non-existent date and no links to click. Bizarre!

3 thoughts on “Pointless spam

  • Det er et pump-and-dump-scam – DMXC refererer til en aktie, som spammerne har købt billigt. Nu siger de så til alle, at priserne er på vej op – og når de stiger, fordi nogle begynder at købe p.g.a. dette, sælger spammerne og tjener penge på det – og ofrene taber deres penge, fordi aktierne falder igen, når spammerne sælger.

    Det er noget i den stil i hvert fald.

  • I am glad you like my spam picture. Im am even more happy that you named its source and provided a link.
    You know whats funny? I found it in many web pages where people complain about spam but they have no second thought when they steal my picture.
    Thas life I guess.
    Anyways have a nice week.
    Best Regards,


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