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Pork and squid

Korean meal
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My friend Lars is working in Edinburgh this week. Today he came to Glasgow after work, and Phyllis, Anna and I joined him for a meal at Kokuryo, the Korean restaurant in Argyle Street.

I’ve never been to a Korean restaurant before, so my knowledge of Korean food isn’t great (apart from kimchi), so I didn’t know what to expect. In the event, it was very nice.

As an hors d’oeuvre, they served us four bowls with squid, aubergine, meatballs and possible cabbage. I had a Korean beer called OB, and Lars another one called Hite.

For starters, Phyllis had a lovely fish cake, while Lars and I had a spicy beef soup – just what I needed to heat up on a cold day!

Lars had sushi for his main course, while Phyllis had pork ribs and pork slices with salad, and I had a nice dish of pork and squid. It tasted much better than it sounds! 🙂

Finally, we all had a bowl of ice cream with red bean sauce. Yummy!

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