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Pork & apple sausage rolls

I’ve never been a great fan of sausage rolls – they’ve always seemed
too heavy and greasy, something that could be used to quell the hunger till I got home from the supermarket, but not anything to eat for pleasure.

So I really have to applaud Tesco’s new pork & apple sausage rolls. It seems the only difference is the addition of dried apple pieces to the sausage meat, but what a difference! Suddenly it’s slightly sweet, slightly spicy, elegant, heavenly…

4 thoughts on “Pork & apple sausage rolls

  • I’m not tempted! 🙁

  • Why not? I thought you ate anything…?

  • ok, I would try it but I wouldn’t pick it on a menu!

  • You don’t pick sausage rolls from menus! You buy them in supermarkets because you’re starving here and now.


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