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Range cooker

Range cooker.
Range cooker.
We’ve now stripped the future kitchen complete bare – I’ve even removed the laminate flooring.

Next week, the plan says we’ll get an electrician and a plumber round to put in electricity, gas and water.

After that, we just need to buy a kitchen and install it. Easy!

So at the moment, we’ve browsing through kitchen catalogues to choose everything from worktops over taps to cookers.

At the moment, the range cooker that is tempting us the most is the Belling Sandringham 110DF. It has a plain oven, a fan oven, a slow-cooking oven and a separate grill, as well as seven burners (including a wok one).

Anything we should watch out for?

2 thoughts on “Range cooker

  • yeah, the strangly coloured oven doors ,,, unless of course you’re doing a purple kitchen ?

  • Nice range cooker. I’ve just purchased one just like that . The two ovens worth every penny.


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