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Sharing a meal

I happened to watch Marks & Spencer’s new Christmas dinner ad on telly the other day (embedding it here doesn’t seem to be possible).

At first it sounds nice, but listen to what is being said: The uncle gets one starter, but the niece gets another; a turkey for one half of the family, but sirloin on the bone for the other half; two different puddings.

What has happened to the idea of sitting down together to share a meal? A meal that gives you a shared experience, a meal that brings you all together?

Has the modern concept of individual microwave meals now eroded our culture to the point where people just won’t compromise and eat anything that isn’t their favourite meal?

Sharing a meal is an ancient concept in many cultures, and welcoming guests with food (such as the Slavonic bread and salt) is widespread.

So why are we increasingly getting rid of this? I know of families that hardly ever eat the same thing or at the same time.

I find it disturbing if this now spreads even to special occasions such as Christmas.

2 thoughts on “Sharing a meal

  • I’ve had the same thoughts.

    17 years ago I had a boyfriend (crap – I’m old!) and his mother always asked everyone what THEY wanted for dinner. And prepared what ever anyone wanted! My sisters ex’ mother does the same. 4-5 different things to eat at every meal. And often eaten in front of the house altar!

    In this house the rule is: One thing for dinner and dinner is eaten together in the kitchen. And even if Ellen isn’t hungry, she has to join us at the table. She’ll be excused before we’re done, but she’ll have to join us for a while first.

    Only exception: When we’re having risengrød, I’m eating rugbrød! 🙂

    And I admit, that when Ellen isn’t around a pizza, coke and an episode of Battlestar Galactica suits each other!

  • Absolutely, there are times when pizza in front of the telly is the right thing to have, but if it becomes the norm, you’ve got a problem.


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