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Star Trek

It was The Next Generation (with Jean-Luc Picard et al.) that got me hooked on Star Trek.

After watching all the episodes, I watched the movies, and I then moved on to The Original Series.

I’ve now spent the past year or so working my way through Enterprise, the latest series which takes place before TOS.

However, I finally watched the last episode last week, so I had to embark on a new project.

I decided on Deep Space Nine, which will probably take me a year or two to get through, after which I still have to watch Voyager.

But what shall I do thereafter? Is there any hope of a new Star Trek series?

Anyway, I’m watching the first episode of DS9 as I write this, and on Saturday I’m going to see the new film with Phyllis, Marcel and Charlotte in the cinema.

4 thoughts on “Star Trek

  • Sleeping Director, Proof Reader, Photo Consultant, et al

    Sad Trekkie nerd ,..,
    How do I get to watch all these series in order ?? I keep catching the odd episode of different series ,, but I’d love to watch them all in the correct order .,.,
    It takes one to know one !

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