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The country without phones

Old Fashioned Phone
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When I bought the flat in Rose Street (which is still for sale, in case anybody is interested), I was shocked to find out it didn’t have a phone connection. Now, you might expect something like that in a new flat, but my flat is about a century old, so apparently nobody ever in all those years thought a phone would be a convenient thing to have. I know the engineer had to drill a hole through the thick sandstone wall, so I don’t think there’s any way there can ever have been one before.

I obviously thought this was an exceptional case. So imagine the shock I got when I called BT today to get a phone line for our new house, and they told me there isn’t a connection, and I need to pay another £125 for an engineer to come round! I know the house is only between 30 and 40 years old, but I still think it sounds bizarre they never had a phone.

Who knows, perhaps BT will realize they’ve made an error an refund the money afterwards. In my dreams, I fear! 🙁

Will I personally have to pay for wiring up the entire country?

One thought on “The country without phones

  • Sebastian

    Der er vel andre, der har telefon i det land? Eller findes der kun trådløse telefoner/mobiler, eller er der en regel om, at man skal fjerne telefonforbindelsen, når man flytter? Overvejer du at flytte igen en anden gang, så må du hellere starte med at undersøge, om der er telefon-stik. 😉


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