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The jury is out

Back in May I blogged about Eurovision that I thought the UK and France were only saved by the juries: “But I think it’s beyond doubt that Azerbaijan would have been very close to winning, and that the UK and especially France would have been huge disasters had they not introduced juries.”

Now they’ve released the results of the televoting.

It turns out Azerbaijan would indeed have been number 2 (not 3), and that the UK and France would have been number 10 and 17 rather than 5 and 8.

So it’s now proven that the juries vote very differently from the people at home.

Fortunately, this year Norway was such a clear winner that it didn’t make a difference, but it’s inevitable that the juries in the future will create different winners than televoting on its own.

So what will they do? Keep the new system, and stop publishing the results of the televoting a few months later?

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