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The Streisand farce

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Phyllis is a big fan of Barbra Streisand, so when it was announced that she was going on a European tour this summer, she of course decided that we should go. The only question was when to go. The options seemed to be Vienna, London, Dublin, Paris and Nice, so she tried London and Paris, but both got sold out immediately.

A few days later, they added Rome, and given that Ryanair fly there directly from Prestwick, it’s actually not any more expensive to go there than to London, so she bought tickets for both of us. So far, so good.

However, a couple of days ago they cancelled the show in Rome and added Zurich instead. And yesterday they added Manchester.

This is utterly ridiculous! The tickets are expensive, and they tend to get sold out almost immediately, so one cannot very well either buy tickets for all the shows or book new tickets when a show is cancelled or a when a more convenient show is announced.

Why can’t they make a complete and confirmed programme in advance so that people can choose the venue closest to them, and then trust that it actually is on? As it is, there must be people from Manchester who’ve got tickets for London, or for the cancelled show in Rome, just because they didn’t know Barbra was going to Manchester.

Who knows, they might even add Glasgow or Horsens yet.

Streisand should sack her concert organisers on the spot. This is a bloody farce that is benefiting none of her fans and is costing some of them lots of money and inconvenience!

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