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Tweeting your links automatically

Multiple Tweets Gradient
Multiple Tweets Gradient, a photo by mkhmarketing on Flickr.
If you follow my political independence blog, Arc of Prosperity on Twitter, you will have noticed that I often tweet topical links, prefixed with the text “Seen elsewhere:”.

This happens automatically when I bookmark a link so long as I add a certain label to it.

To do this, I use two free websites, and Twitterfeed. is simply a bookmarking site that allows me to save bookmarks and attach labels. All links that I want to appear on Twitter get the label “aop”. (You can see all my aop links here.) The most important feature from this point of view is that you can retrieve these bookmark lists in RSS format (e.g., this RSS feed for my aop links).

Twitterfeed posts RSS feeds to Twitter, so all you need to do is to tell it the address of your RSS feed and determine the posting frequency etc. and Twitterfeed work really well together, and it’s my impression that many of my Twitter followers really appreciate the links I’m posting.

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