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Unable to get headaches

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This will probably make most readers of this blog envious, but I am curious to find out whether I’m unique in this respect.

I seem to be unable to get a headache.

Even when I have a hangover, I only have the other symptoms without any headache at all.

I had some kind of mild headache a couple of years ago, but that what as part of some viral infection that caused pain in most of the body, too, so I’m not sure that counts.

A google search for unable headache seems to return only pages about people who can’t get rid of their headaches rather than being unable to get them in the first instance.

So am I a mutant, or is this actually pretty normal?

8 thoughts on “Unable to get headaches

  • Well I get them all the way from mild to migrane when I’m tired, when I’m stressed, when I’m pregnant, when I’m premenstrual, when lights are too bright, with hangovers, when the kids fight, when boyfriends accidentally shut people carrier hatchbacks on my head, you name it… Jealous? Me? Never. I wonder whose genes Anna will get?

  • I too am quite lucky that way ,, very rarely suffer headaches ,, hungover I usually feel quite ill but nothing much on the sore head front ..maybe it’s a boy thing Thomas ??

  • Hmmm, perhaps you’re right, but I know some blokes who get headaches frequently, so it’s definitely not as clear-cut as that…

  • Peter Widmann

    lieber Thomas
    es ist ein genetisches Erbe von Brita: auch sie hatte noch nie ernsthafte Kofschmerzen (während ich in meiner Jugend – aber nicht später – sehr geplagt war). Brita erzählt, dass ihr Augenarzt sich wunderte, dass ihre Sehschwäche ohne die obligatorischen begleitenden Kpfweh-Symptome waren.

  • In my case also, I never have headache even after bad hangover, usually hang rarely occur what ever amount I use to drink.
    I work 10 hours on computer every day, and haveing no problems
    In general I cannt remember if I had headache.

  • I never get headaches either. I’ve only had them twice in my whole life! Even drinking till I’m hammered doesn’t give me a headache the next day. we must be special

  • I know this is extremely old, but I used to get headaches very frequently. At age 15 I had a severe concussion. In the 16 years since, I have never had a single headache despite many hangovers, hits to the head, etc.

    • Interesting. I was involved in a car crash as a young teenager myself, and I presume I had a concussion (although I didn’t see a doctor at the time because we were abroad on holiday). I wonder whether there could be any connexion…?


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