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Waking up with wet feet

Last night, I noticed a small wet spot on the duvet, but we decided to sleep normally.

However, at 7am, Phyllis woke me up because she had noticed the sound of water while breastfeeding, and true enough, my feet were wet.

At first, we thought it was the radiator in my office that had burst, but checking the on-off timer on the boiler revealed that this couldn’t be the problem.

So I went up to the office with some water and poured it onto the roof until Phyllis alerted me from downstairs that it was pouring in.

It seems to be a wee crack on the side of the outside window ledge.

The reason it started now must have been because the rain is coming from the east, which is unusual for the west of Scotland.

I’ve tried to block the hole a bit, but I guess I need dry weather to do a proper job, so that we can reclaim our bed!

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