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We’re not kids!

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Having queued for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at midnight (and busy reading it just now), it’s so clear that the publisher, Bloomsbury, and the big bookshops have got it wrong. They seem to assume the majority of people reading Harry Potter are kids, so they put on a kidfriendly cover (although an adult one is also available) and they handed out balloons to people queuing.

But nobody in the queue was younger than 13, I reckon, and most were past 25. And when Phyllis and Amanda (her brother’s wife) and I took Marcel and Charlotte to the cinema to see Harry Potter 5 (rated 12A), the three adults enjoyed it a lot, but the kids didn’t like it nearly as much.

This is not surprising – the themes are dark and adult, not at all like the early books. I just don’t understand why the publisher hasn’t got it.

2 thoughts on “We’re not kids!

  • When I b(r)ought the book, the sales person asked if I were aware that I was buying the version with the children cover. This took me by surprise – I th(r)ought everyone was buying the children version. But I guess you’re not? 🙂

    (BTW, nope, I can’t seem to figure out r’s today…)

  • I bought the children cover, too, just because that’s what I started to do, and I want the books to look similar.


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