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What to do in M&S

Marks & Spencer
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One day I was shopping in Marks & Spencer (or Marcos y EspĂ©ncer, as I for reasons unknown always think of that shop, as if it was Spanish), I got a chance to take this photo showing the cachier’s side of the checkout. The first sign says:

  • Greet the customer
  • Thank the customer for waiting
  • Make a positive comment about the product being purchased
  • Promote the Credit & Loyalty Card
  • Pack product(s) with care
  • Thank your customer

I love the bit about making a positive comment. Does that mean that if I buy a packet of condoms from a nice old lady, she’ll have to make a comment about how much she likes that brand?!?

One thought on “What to do in M&S

  • oh let’s, it’d be a laugh!


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