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Which tartan?

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Given that I’m about to get married, I have to give serious thought to the question of which tartan to wear.

Should I go for Buchanan because that’s the clan I’m marrying into? It’s not normally the done thing, although my daughter of course is a member of Clan Buchanan.

Or should I go for a non-clan tartan, such as the Danish one? Another option along these lines would be Glasgow, but it’s not exactly pretty.

A somewhat humorous choice would be McNeil, based on my mother’s maiden name, Nielsen. Not sure whether this would be considered a serious crime in some circles.

Finally, I could go for one of the really common ones that Scots tend to wear if they can’t get hold of the proper one, but that would be a bit boring, wouldn’t it?

5 thoughts on “Which tartan?

  • I’d vote for Buchanan, but I’m biased – I’m a member and I took that photo 😉


  • I think Buchanan is prettier than the Danish too.

  • Prettier? This is not some kind of Miss Tartan competition, it’s about which tartans would be correct and proper! 😉
    Nice photo, Ed!

  • Ok Thomas here it is ,,,
    I’ve now given your question two or three days very serious thought .,,. I’ve checked out various sites re the question of “proper dress”, tartan wise, for your up coming nuptuals as well as other possible options for you on the kilt front and it seems to me that you really only have one choice !
    Sadly, it’s probably also the most expensive choice !
    You should obviously wear your own tartan .,., The Danish ,..,.,
    You could wear a small token Buchanan something with it ,, say our Kilt Pin or Clan Badge maybe ?
    But for your own National pride,for your parents and countrymen,it has to be The Danish ,,, a fine cross of our Scottish & Danish National flags and not at all a bad looking tartan.
    And just for the record Thomas ( even if you didn’t ask formally for my daughter’s hand :)! ) you will be a most welcome addition to our Clan Buchanan.

  • Thomas. You have missed the most obvious choice. Unfortunately there is no Widmann tartan and i guess the Danish tartan is not that easy to find. So choose one that has no allegiance to any particular surname but has a close link to Glasgow. The official Partick Thistle FC tartan of course.
    Seriously it is actually quite nice 🙂


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