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Will Google Glass lead to Google Glove?

Google Glass Prototype
Google Glass Prototype, a photo by Ars Electronica on Flickr.
I’m really excited by the upcoming release of Google Glass. Until now, there’s been an inherent conflict in smartphone design between creating a huge screen and making the device small enough that you can be bothered carrying it around at all times. (It’s interesting how mobile phones were getting smaller and smaller until the advent of smartphones meant a larger screen was required, at which point they started growing again.)

Although Google Glass is looking great, I’m sure it’ll evolve rapidly over the next few years. Apart from increasing the resolution, I expect it to expand from one eye to two, to allow for three-dimensional display. I also wonder whether it’s really the best idea to put the display above the line of vision rather than below it — if you’re using it for reading a book, surely it must feel like holding the book above your head.

However, the main area for improvement is how you interact with it. Google Glass apparently requires you to touch the frame to control it, which is essential one-dimensional and tiring. However, traditional devices such as keyboards, mice and touch-screens are not going to be very effective, either. I’m not sure what they’ll come up with, but I won’t be surprised if Google Glass 3D in 2016 will be accompanied by a Google Glove (or perhaps just by small sensors on your finger nails).

3 thoughts on “Will Google Glass lead to Google Glove?

  • Google glove might be a reality. Apple would never do that. It is a solution that would technically work, but in practice be terrible. Would it be water-resistant? Impede me in any way?

    My guesses are no and yes (in that order). To make this anything but a geeky toy, you would need something else. Continuous gesture recognition is probably still too expensive on the battery, and I wouldn’t want anything in my clothes.

    Maybe something akin to the Nike+ (maybe that’s what you mean) could work, but that’s still sucky (compared to what has mostly replaced Nike+)


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