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Would TV stand a chance today?

watch TV in the Car
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Everybody grew up with TV.

Over the years, we’ve got more and more channels, bigger and bigger screens, and even a bit of interactivity and recording facilities recently.

However, I do wonder whether TV would stand a chance if it hadn’t been invented until today (but with other inventions, such as the internet and mobile phones, being around as usual).

I mean, how would a person who had grown up with the internet but not with TV react to a TV?

– I’d like to watch Iggle Piggle now.

– It’s not on, sorry. We can record it next time it’s on, though.

– What do you mean, “it’s not on”?!? But I want to watch it now. So how to I record the past episodes?

– You can’t do that, either, sorry. You’ll have to buy them on DVD or hope they’ll rerun it one day.

– OK. Let’s watch something else… (Ten minutes later.) This is quite nice. Let’s send a link to my pals.

– A link? Send? What are you talking about?!?

And so on. I really don’t think it would stand a chance. People would admire the nice clear pictures, but they’d just wait for YouTube to implement that.

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