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π is wrong, long live ტ

? is often given an almost mythical status, so I found it very refreshing when I was made aware of the ? movement that argue that ? = 2? is a much more natural constant.

There are lots of good arguments in favour (do follow the link above), and I’m definitely a convert.

However, as Stewart Russell pointed out to me on Facebook, physicists already have other uses for ?, so perhaps a better symbol could be chosen.

I would propose the Georgian letter ? (pronounced tari), which doesn’t seem to have any uses in maths or physics.

One thought on “π is wrong, long live ტ

  • Hmm, der er jo kun 34 cifre efter kommaet, hvorfor står der så ’36 digits’?

    Hvor sødt at have et bogstav, som heg syndes ligner en 2-knaps-mus med hale ,-)


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