bookmark_borderOn Atkins again

I discovered the Atkins diet a year and a half ago, and since then, I’ve been on it three or four times, every time losing half a stone or so over a fortnight. I’ve put on a few pounds recently, probably because we’ve stopped playing touch regularly at work, so I thought it’d be good to do it again. Only this time Phyllis has joined me – I think she’s beautiful as she is, but if she thinks she’d look better lighter, being two makes it much easier to stick to the diet. Although of course we still have to cook carbohydrates for the kids.

bookmark_borderDodgy Bank

Yesterday, I introduced Marcel and Charlotte to the boardgame Broker (das Börsenspiel in German).

Normally, Charlotte tends to learn fast, but she didn’t really grasp the concept of buying cheap and selling dear. Marcel, on the other hand, very definitely got the idea, and he won the game with nearly £100k.

Charlotte made one sweet contribution, though: One of the companies traded in the game is Deutsche Bank, but she turned that into Dodgy Bank!