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back of special k box
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I’ve never understood why Special K is marketed as a cereal for dieting and staying slim.

I just love Special K with skimmed milk (only the plain stuff, though – wee pieces of dried fruit just spoils the experience), but I consider it a special treat that is bad for my waistline, not at all as diet.

This might have something to do with the fact that I tend to eat portions the size of a small bucket, but also that it’s almost exclusively carbohydrates, which tend to make me fat.

Today I introduced Léon to the joys of Special K, and he loved it, too. Now i just need to convert Charlotte, Marcel and Phyllis…


The proud peeer
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We’ve been trying to potty-train Pudge since 1st January, so far with very little success.

But today, at 2.45pm, he suddenly went over to his potty, sat down and peed a good amount.

We made sure he got lots of hugs and chocolate, and for the next half hour, he was sitting proudly on the floor, eating chocolate and repeating over and over how clever he was.

However, I don’t think we’re quite there yet, because half an hour later, he did a poo on the floor – perhaps he’s only sussed it pee-wise?

bookmark_borderWorth continuing?

For a very long time now, my bed-side book has been Doris Lessing’s Shikasta, part of her Canopus series which she is said to rate highest of all her works.

However, I’m finding it immensely boring, and I normally don’t manage more than five pages before getting too sleepy to continue. 🙁

Is it just me? Is it worth reading on? Will it get better if I just get past a certain point? Or should I stop and pick a better book from our shelves?