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A man-sized garlic press

Amaia’s garlic press
Originally uploaded by PhylB

Most garlic presses seem to have been designed on the premise that most people will use just one or two cloves.

However, given that we’re normally cooking for at least six people, we use more garlic than most households.

So it was a huge relief when our friend Sabine gave Amaia a garlic press as a welcome-to-the-world present.

Just look at it!

It can hold three big cloves side by side, and it’s heavy, chunky and sturdy!

Just perfect!

2 thoughts on “A man-sized garlic press

  • That’s an onion press no? The type that the french use to puree those lovely small onions for soups and garnish etc.

    I have seen a similar style abroad but not in this country.

    Lovely piece of kit!

    • It’s possible – I must try to puree some onions one day soon.


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