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RIP bwlla

It’s always a bit sad when kids drop their homemade words in favour of the real ones.

For instance, Anna’s love of ?a (“meat, sausage”) meant that she had a whole list of words for types of meat, including ?mu??a “beef”, ?m???a “lamb” and ?bu?a “sausage”.

However, the latter word (which sounded like a hypothetical Welsh word “bwlla” or Zulu “buhla”) has now been replaced by ?s?s?s. 🙁

2 thoughts on “RIP bwlla

  • For the record, the hypothetical Welsh word “bwlla” would be ‘bʊɬa. I suppose ity would have to be some kind of (improbable) compound noun, bŵ-lla (‘bu:,ɬa:).

  • Thanks, I’ve never really got the hang of vowel length in Welsh. 🙁
    However, her vowel in buɬa was short (and tense) if I remember correctly, so “bwlla” would have been as good an approximation as “bŵ-lla”.


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