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A trip to the rain forest

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Yesterday, we all went to Randers Regnskov.

I mainly picked it because it’s fairly easy to get to using public transport (take the bus from Sdr. Vissing to Skanderborg, and then the train straight to Randers), but I actually think the kids liked it.

In Randers Regnskov, most of the animals roam freely in the same area as the visitors, not just butterflies and snails, but also snakes, monkeys and vultures.

The kids were allowed to help feed the manatees and the monkeys (the latter with live crickets), which they greatly enjoyed.

(BTW, if anybody else is going there by public transport, don’t forget you can get a combination ticket.)

5 thoughts on “A trip to the rain forest

  • Hannah (Widmann)

    Hi Thomas,

    searching relatives on the web isn’t always a success, but when I typed in my granddads (your uncles) name into google, it came up with your (very enjoyable) blog.

    It has been interesting to read up on your daily life, and “get to know” my grandcousin…

    liebe Grüße, unbekannterweise auch an die Familie,
    Hannah (Hans’ Tocher)

    BTW: I have spent many a night sleeping in stansted, sometimes not even getting one of the benches, but hunched on the marble floor.

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  • Well, as you could see from the photo illustrating my Eden posting, I spotted the robin, too. I didn’t see any bees, but I did see some small ants.
    However, my main point was that there were no animals to match the plants. The tropical biome should have been full of parrots, toucans and other tropical birds, not robins.

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