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Balgray Reservoir drained

Barrhead dams
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I forgot to blog this at the time, but when we drove past Balgray Reservoir last month, we noticed that it had been almost entirely drained (see the photo). (According to Google Maps, that’s what it’s called, although my beloved wife – who grew up here – seems to call it the Barrhead Dam instead.)

I haven’t found any information anywhere about why this has been done – are they perhaps trying to find more murder victims?

3 thoughts on “Balgray Reservoir drained

  • Hi there just a bit of info, on balgray (barrhead dam), Scottish water drained the reservoir, so they could replace a faulty valve in the drain off tower that they had tried to repair. The works finished on the 22nd november, and should now be re filling.

  • WHY owhy owhy upon walking up there tonight 16/05/18 has the balgray reservoir BEEN drained vvvv LOW AGAIN baulk ?


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