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Scottish Well-Fired Rolls

Scottish Well-Fired Rolls
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Last week Charlotte made burgers and chips for dinner, and Phyllis chucked a bag from Waitrose onto the table. It contained six completely black rolls, as well as a sticker saying “reduced”.

I obviously thought the price had been reduced because somebody had forgotten them in the oven for two hours, so I commented to Phyllis that I found it strange that the shop hadn’t binned them instead of trying to sell them at a reduced price, given that nobody in their mind would go near badly burned food, which is likely to be carcinogenic.

She looked at me like I had just landed from Mars and pointed out the the bag was labelled “Scottish Well-Fired Rolls” and that Scots have eaten this type of rolls for ages.

I’m quite relieved I didn’t encounter them earlier! They’re surely an even more appalling Scottish delicacy than deep-friend Mars bars and deep-fried pizzas (which actually taste very nice).

4 thoughts on “Scottish Well-Fired Rolls

  • Well-fired rolls for the win! Om nom nom with wee black bits in your teeth!

    Don’t make me go back to Denmark to list all of the “appalling” foods …

    • I’m not saying Danish is the culinary leader of the world!
      I guess I ought to get used to well-fired rolls after nearly ten years in Scotland…

  • Og tænk sig, så har vi i så mange år fået at vide, at man skulle skrabe det brændte af, og i stedet kunne vi have eksporterer alle de boller til Skotland og tjent styrtende på det.


  • Eller også kunne danskerne jo have taget denne delikatesse til sig… 🙂


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