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Better than the real ones?

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A couple of years ago, Phyllis asked me to buy “One Chisel Each” in the staff bookshop.

Or so I though – it turned out I had misheard what she said, and what she wanted was “On Chesil Beach“.

To be honest, I’ve ever since thought “One Chisel Each” was a better title, and I often wondered what that book would have been about – two stonemasons falling in love, perhaps?

Then, a few months ago, I was looking through the piles of novels in the staff bookshop when a book cover caught my imagination: “The Queen of Subtitles”.

I was about to take it down from the shelf when I realised it was really called “The Queen of Subtleties“, and I decided not to buy it. Others might disagree, but I definitely would rather read about the subtitle queen…

Has anybody else got any other book titles they misunderstood and preferred to the real one?

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