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Black with no sugar

Real men love coffee
Originally uploaded by phyl1.

This photo that I found on Phyllis’s Flickr pages is just perfect. I know there’s probably very little coffee in the mug, if any, but wee Léon just looks so much like an addicted coffee drinker. I love the was he’s grasping the mug and watching the camera while drinking – it just signals that the most important thing in the world is getting his caffeine, and nobody is going to stop him.

Possibly I find the photo so good because I know how much he loves coffee. A few months ago, he visited me (with Phyllis, of course), and just as an experiment, I gave him half a teaspoon of Turkish coffee. He was ecstatic – he loved it so much! He demanded spoon after spoon till he had drunk most of my cup. So I know this guy loves coffee!

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