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Brown the bully

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The revelations of the past few days that Brown is a paranoid bully cannot have come as much of a surprise for readers of this blog – this is exactly what I surmised nearly two three years ago.

Some people have come to his defence saying that he’s just forceful, or troubled, or focused.

I’m sure most bullies have psychological issues, but that doesn’t excuse them. A bully is defined by their acts, not by their mental health (the CED defines a bully as “a person who hurts, persecutes, or intimidates weaker people”).

As former Father of the Chapel at Collins, I can only condemn those who think they need to intimidate their staff to get good performance – in my experience, the opposite is true.

3 thoughts on “Brown the bully

  • I see that it was nearly three years ago (not two) that you summarised that you thought Brown was a bully.

    Good call you seem to have read his behaviour very early on. Spot on.

  • Thanks, Alan! Is it really 2010 already? 😉

  • Seems to me they spend entirely too much time working out when to have an election. There’s that to be said for the American system: Noone can game the election time.


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