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Center Parcs

Lots the archer
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We’ve just come back from three full days in Center Parcs (Friday noon–Monday noon).

It’s basically hundreds of wooden cottages inside a forest, with lots of activities for kids and adults. Most of them cost money, except for the subtropical water complex.

The kids loved it – they now want to go there for all their holidays (although I think Marcel will change his mind in about five years’ time – like Legoland, it’s devoid of young people between 15 and 35).

Marcel and Charlotte did archery, “Olympics” and quadbike, and Phyllis and I went for the serail treatment (which was really nice).

The only annoying thing that happened was when we all went for a birthday meal (Léon is 3 years old today) in the Chinese restaurant. We ordered the set menu in advance, and they told us that kids under 3 were free, which made us very happy because we were bringing three (Léon, Gordon and Anna). However, it turned out that they were planning to just give them empty plates for free and we were then “allowed” to share our food with them. Since when has it been free not to pay for nothing?!? Fortunately, the manager eventually gave in, but watch out if you’re planning to visit the Center Parcs restaurants!

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